For a long time I have longed to feel this way
Never been a case of not being happy alone
Or not loving myself enough
But I have so much happiness and love in me
And I longed to share with someone
Someone who feels just the same way
Someone who adds to my happiness and love
Someone who adds more value to everything
Around me
Someone who sparks a light in my heart at the thought of the person
Someone who I can comfortably be myself around
Someone who accepts me for me
Someone I accept wholeheartedly
Someone we can conquer everything and anything together
Someone I’m convinced is my answered prayer
Someone who walks hand in hand with me
Someone that makes me smile
Someone I love and loves me genuinely
Someone I can give my heart and soul to without fear or contradiction
I found you
You found me
We found each other
And now…..
You are my addiction
I’m addicted to everything concerning you
And I’m not willing to stop




Seeing you soothes my mindIn your company my stress is lifted
My burden is light

Even though we both know we can’t end up together 

Deep down we know we have a strong connection 

You are the light in my dark moments 

Opening up to you is never difficult 

You understand me, even more than I understand myself 

Behind my mean face

You see a soft heart 

Behind my stubbornness 

You see a broken little girl

And you always make me smile

To me you’re so much more 

Just as I am to you

Calling you my soulmate would have been perfect 

If only circumstances allowed 

But you will always be in my heart 

Wherever I go, you go with me in my heart 

Nimz ❤️


Did you really love her? 

You thought you did,

But you actually never did,

Cause it took you nothing to walk away,

She was broken deep inside,

But you could never see it,

All you loved was the surface her being,

You didn’t take the time to see and know what was within,

You said you loved her,

But did you ever show it?

It was just a word “I love you” 

She was sad and unhappy 

But she kept you happy

And you couldn’t see it

Behind her smiles and happy face

Was fear, uncertainty and coldness 

She needed you to see beyond her smiles 

You never did

Did you really love her?

Cause if you did

You would have shown her

Made her feel safe

Wanted, appreciated, loved 

Cause that was all she ever wanted 

You were close yet still far away 

Cause all you did was cared about yourself 

You saw her smiles and though she was fine

You saw her happy face and felt she is strong

She can handle it all by herself 

But you were wrong….

Now she’s gone 


Nimz ❤️


Hey you 
You are beautiful 

Before you became a woman

You were a baby

You were a child

You were a little girl

You were a girl 

You were a young lady

You were a lady

Now you are a woman 

A strong African woman 

Your strength is beyond mere words

The strength you carry in you can’t be measured 

What you have in you is beyond comparison 

You are a wife 

You are a help mate

You are not a slave

You are not an item 

You are not a toy 

You are a mother 

You are a home 

Without you a home is empty 

Behind your smiles 

Lies so many untold story 

Story of pain

Story of betrayal 

Story of abuse 

Story of molestation 

Story of emotional stress 

Story of psychological pain

So many times 

You have no one to talk to 

You bury it all in 

Portraying that strength in you 

No one knows how many nights you’ve cried yourself to sleep 

But you keep your head up

Covered yourself in strength 

Hiding it all behind that smile

You deserve all the love 

You deserve all the respect 

You deserve all the care 

You deserve all the attention 

You deserve it all…..

Cause you are stronger than you can imagine 

And you should be proud of yourself 

Don’t give up 

Keep on being strong 

You are a beautiful strong woman 


Happy international women’s day 

By Nimz…….


LOVE they say is the greatest gift of all
Just like LOVE is the greatest commandment of God….

Love your neighbor as yourself right?

Love made God sacrifice His only begotten son for our sins “john 3:16”

Love made Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary saying “it is finished”

Taking it all for us

Taking it all in, as difficult and hard as it was

But He did it

That’s how love should be right? 

But can you die for your partner right now? 

Let’s say tables turn, situation or circumstances arise

Can you die for someone you say you LOVE?

Many times lust has been mistaken for love

“I LOVE YOU” fly out of our mouth just as much as lies and deceit fall out of it 

Then at the slightest challenges, it all takes a new turn

You begin to question your feelings 

Can you forgive your partner of any sin? 

Think about it….

What’s that one thing that would hurt you so deeply..many will say cheating..


Let’s use that 

Can you forgive your partner of “cheating”

And take them back like nothing happened 

Can you actually love like Christ love the church (You and I) 


Big one huh? 

I know 

I will find it really hard too 

Not necessarily cheating

There are many ways someone can hurt you 

Love is really huge

Big and mighty 

When you say “I LOVE YOU”

Do you really deeply in the innermost part of you, with all questions ask….LOVE this person….


By Nimz……


After loving deeply once
She has always been scared to try again
She actually did
But she was always at the receiving end
Was it her?
Was she the problem?
Then she realized
She just haven’t found the person who would love her in the right way
Even with all her craziness
Her mood swings
Her emotional overload
Her temperament
Within all that overload
Is a beautiful soul
Like a beautiful flower planted
Waiting to grow and bloom
For growth and blossom
It has to be watered, nourished and cherished
Her heart is giving up
But at the same time
Clinging to an unseen hope
Hope of finding her one true love
It can be confusing
One minute you wanna give up
You feel like you’ve made all the wrong choices in the world
Telling yourself you need a break
Hiding in your own shell
Shutting people out
Shutting feelings out
Another minute
You wanna be so deep in love
You wanna forget about every mistake
And just be deeply in love
Maybe it’s a fairytale kind of love
But again….
Fairytales do come true


By Nimz…..


She was broken
yet she was ready to love
to love like she was never hurt
her love was pure
filled with joy and happiness
a kind of love that is rare
she was always misunderstood
her intensions were always misinterpreted
she is the people’s girl
liked by many
many wanna get close to her
some for good reason
some for bad reason
but the fact still remains that she is the people’s girl
her mind is opened like a open book
maybe that’s her flaw
for always letting people in
shutting people out was never her thing
she was broken
but it never changed her
rather it made her stronger
made her want to show how beautiful love can really be, wheb you open your heart to it
will she ever get the chance?
she’s flawed with words
would you blame her?
it is never easy taking in so much
smiling even when in pain
laughing just to hide the tears
to hide the drainness
to hide the emotional frustration
asking herself if she will ever get the love that she deserved
she was and is broken