Life is a roller coaster

It comes real fast at you

When you least expect it

But one thing is this

You have to be prepared

Be ready to take in whatever life throws at you

It’s only up to you

What you make do with it


She’s cold

She’s cold

Not because of the weather

She shuts people out

Not because she wants to

She’s always alone

Not because she doesn’t need someone

She hides her emotions

Not because she doesn’t have feelings

But because she’s tired

Tired of being taken for granted

Tired of trying too hard

Tired of going extra mile for people who don’t deserve it

Tired of giving chances

Tired of being vulnerable

She’s just tired

Maybe to try again or not

But she’s tired

Ever wondered

Ever wondered

If you’re just too much

Too nice

Too good

Too much of everything

Being hard to get doesn’t really determine anything

A bad person is a bad person

There’s no two ways about it

There’s nothing like “yeah he’s a bad person but he’s not that bad” nah

What’s bad is bad

In a world full of people

Who only think of what they can get

Not because they actually wanna keep you around them

But they keep you around because you’re beneficial to them for the main time

And after they’re done with you

They toss you aside

In a world like that

Can you ever find anything real

It’s was a normal morning

Walking down the street

Becoming more obvious to my environment

Noticing things I would have normally overlooked

The people

The children making noise

The car noises

It happened to be a very busy day

Everyone going about their daily routine

And I was just there

Puzzled and wondering

If happiness was really real

If these people are really happy

Or they’re just striving with life

Does happiness really have anything to do with the things we have or the things we feel?



Just the two of us

Understanding each other’s mind

Leaving our soul naked to each other

Nothing to hide

Nothing to prove

Even in silence

We can hear each other

Intimacy like no other

No sex

Just two naked souls


Coexisting and growing

Now that’s intimacy

Like a flower

Like a beautiful flower

Watered and nourished

Growing and blooming

Such a great delight to the eyes

Everyone who sees it want to touch it

Everyone who sees it wants to hold it

Everyone who sees it wants to own it

But can they do what it takes to keep it

To nourish it

To Care for it

To treat it with all tenderness

That’s how it is with a good woman

A woman with a great heart

Everyone wants to have her

But they don’t know how to treat her

Like a beautiful flower 🌹

My mind My battlefield

Battle of the mind

The mind;

Where I fight all my battles

Battles of overthinking

Battles of doubts

Battles of uncertainty

Battles of putting in my all or not

Battles of trusting or not

Battles of letting go or fighting harder

Battles of love and pain

Battles of unspoken words

Battles of “I should have said this/that”

It all plays in the mind

The mind is where scenario battles are fought

Where fairytale stories are created

Where wailing is done

Most times, we lose it! Not because of too much mind battles

But because, so many unanswered questions

Cause we really cannot know what someone has in mind for you and that’s the crazy part

If there were answers

I guess mind battles wouldn’t exist

And I think that would be boring…”smiles”

You wanna know the beautiful part?

It’s when the positive part of those mind battles become a reality and it’s a beauty to behold and never let go

The sad part however, is when you saw it all coming (the negative) but still get hurt cause we expected some sort of miracle or change…

We can’t overcome mind battles, can we?

The mind is like a stage play

We play it in our mind and hope reality comes forth exactly the same or so much more.

Nimi Ayo 🧡

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